There are significant perks to having people come visit Wiphan (read: me). The least of these are not the sweet, sweet goodies that are currently overflowing from my cabinets. (I’m not hoarding, per say. I’m just determining what I don’t feel guilty about eating and not sharing with others. It’s a process.)

There’s also the comfort of not being the only ___________. (American, person on time, one struggling to understand, person not eating nshima, foreigner eating nshima.) Sometimes it’s nice to blend in a bit more to your surroundings. Or have the reassurance of a pack of people that don’t blend in.

We are slowly coming out of rainy season and getting into the season of trips. I’m so grateful the friends and teams planning trips to Wipha

n and Zambia this year. Even though I am preemptively planning the naps I will take upon their departure, I am grateful for the busyness and energy they bring to the day-to-day work happening at Wiphan. I’m already grateful for how time multiples when you are pouring into people and ministry while working with a team and not solely an individual. I was able to see just a glimpse of this when a few members of the Wiphan board made a quick trip last week. I’m excited for a soon coming friend, teams of people I haven’t yet met and considering longer term.

There are lots of opinions floating around concerning short term missions. I’ve been fortunate to see and experience the good, bad and ugly. And I anticipate going back through the spectrum many times over again.

But as a mid-termer in a sea of constantly changing faces and sometimes feeling like a team of one, I’m anticipating this season of the short term like it’s Christmas (even without the gifts).

(And if you’ve ever thought “Zambia might be a cool place to visit” now’s a perfect opportunity.)


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