the BIG move

Well, it has been two weeks. The first week, I spent getting oriented to my new home (re: dorm), the area (re: South London), and being back in school (re: a ton of reading and almost as much writing). Last week, I spent reading (see definition of graduate school) and going to classes, trying to solidify what I am going to take, what kind of eggs I am going to put in which baskets, so to speak.


I saw a few matinees, visited a few museums (if you understand modern art, please help me figure out the Tate Modern), took several long walks (some planned, others involved “getting lost”). All-in-all, it was a few good weeks. Said by someone fully aware that everything is about to get as intense as possible (re: ALL OF THE READING AND WRITING).


But I got cocky. I didn’t get lost once on transportation in week 2. I made it on time to everywhere I was supposed to be. I was prepared for all of my classes. I made a few friends. I even managed to not eat store bought sandwiches for a few meals (don’t feel too bad for me here, the sandwiches are legit). So I started feeling like I really had this whole “living in a city” thing down.


I should have known better. It started when I walked out of my home without grocery bags. I mean, really, how many bags am I going to have to buy before I actually remember to grab them from the shelf as I leave? My first stop, the train to Hillsong. but, when I got to the station, my train had been canceled. Canceled. I didn’t really think about that could be a thing. Then I got on a bus to transfer to another bus to only be 10 minutes late. But the 2nd bus wasn’t actually coming for another 30 minutes.


So I thought “let’s just go buy a few pots and pans so when your Hello Fresh order comes in today, you can cook stuff.” Guys. The pots and pans shelves were literally empty. Empty. Like, the GA forecast says an inch of snow, bread shelf kind of empty.


After a 1.5 miles of fruitless walking, I walked back to my room to regroup. I read a little, thought deeply a  little, may have exhaled a few heavy sighs. Then I walked to the bus stop, made it to a different grocery store, bought a few pots, and then walked myself back. Well, apparently, these pans do not comply with induction range standards.


So, that’s how today went. I got over confident. Let this be a lesson to you: always remember your reusable grocery bags. At least I have a view to look forward to on the bus tomorrow. fullsizerender-1




  1. Traci

    You’ll be okay!!!! This is by far a walk in the park compared to a lot of places you’ve been! I only got used to new surroundings about the time it was time to go home. I can’t wait to read about your adventures! Fish and chips to ya … love you!

  2. Madalitso

    Hi Anna….I once went round and round the M25…missing my exit each time – early days of my driving in London. Getting lost makes great discoveries for a city like London. Have fun…we are praying for you.

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