on the eve of my 30th birthday

There’s been a lot going on, like my recently launched smear campaign against Mary Jean* at my local post office, but also visiting friends, a short-term career at UPS** (I’m absolutely the worst person in the world to not even give a glimmer of a schedule. If I don’t have plans, I make ‘em.), moving houses, teaching ALL of my nephews to say very funny things, a few really inspiring meetings and a new job (in a new state). Also, I just bought a Vespa. It’s red, like all life-crisis vehicles should be.

Thirty has seemed really close for awhile. It snuck up on me at first, but then it suddenly barreled down in all of its grey-haired, sun-spotted glory.

I sat down today and tried to list some of the most important moments of my past 10 years, including the people and places they accompanied. The last five years were easier to remember than the five previous (maybe long term memory increases in my 30s?), and let me tell you – these were full years. It’s remarkable how much fit into a short span. It’s unfathomable how my life has changed in so few years.

Over the past few months, I’ve found thankfulness a really difficult thing to come by. There is no part of my day, week or month that looks the same today as it did six months ago. It’s not bad, but it is all very different. I’m no longer “Anna that lives far away in a place that seems really mysterious and a little scary” I am now “Anna, the troll*** who lives underneath the stairs in her brother’s house.” These are dramatically different.

I don’t think I knew exactly what to expect from my 20’s, but I am amazed by how they turned out. The places! The stories! All the primates!

But mostly, the people!

And after all that moving and traveling and making conversations with new people, it makes a lot of sense that I might need a little time to rest and prepare for a new decade.

I worried for awhile about what 30 would feel like. Somehow it seems a lot more adult, like I should have prepared by having gotten more adult things. Like a couch. Or a TV. Also, children. But probably first a house.

Now, looking back, I’m nothing but grateful. My preparation for this coming decade looked a lot different than most, but it was good.

It was really good.


*Name has been changed for both of our safety. At least she taught me to always bring my own tape.

** Best advice: “Don’t pet the dogs. They’ll make your hands smell real bad.”

***Self-imposed label