The stars are out in full force tonight. You’ll have to take my word for it, because the best the iPhone can do is an apparently blank slate.

I stood for a minute to count all that I could and made it to 100 before deciding my efforts were fruitless; I should just enjoy the moment. Even with all of the glaring security lights around me, I left so many more to count.

It’s moments like this that help me remember the things I love about being and living here. It takes just a second to see the unclouded, post rainy season sky to remember the wide open space and opportunity this is for me. It’s also a perfect reminder that it’s not quite what you’d expect.

For one thing, it is midnight and far from silent. You can hear the guard dogs hard at work all across the city and the rumble in the distance of truck drivers making their way through the night. Even the stars seem a bit crowded – I can see more of them, and they are in bunches and bundles and far less dispersed than I always picture.

Night is the perfect reminder of where I am. It can be dark and ominous and bright and open and inviting all at the same moment. It can be and it is.

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