new, again

Hey friends. Me here again. Now back in Zambia and properly settled back into a new living space, with new people around and new stuff to do.

I took a hiatus from the blog. Not really on purpose, but just because it was an easy thing to let fall to the side and focus on other more important things. Like eating all of the food and fully appreciating time at the beach (and also family and friends). I brought a friend back with me to Zambia and on the way we took the opportunity to have an extended layover in London. It was a time of adventure! But if you were to ask my friend Kari what she thought of our time in London, she immediately has a far off look and a mysterious smile and merely says “it was dreamy.”

It was that. We accomplished so much from the moment our plane landed right up until we took the tube to our separate airports. I made it to Heathrow 1 hour before take off. This was ill-advised, but successful none-the-less and helped us squeeze every possible moment out of our time in London.

I feel similarly about what time in the states looks like. It’s a kind of dream like place when I try to get in as much as possible before my family piles into the car for our ritual trips to the airport.  Once I’m back on the ground, life in Ndola gets going and before you know it, the strange idiosyncrasies of life turn into just being life. I stop noticing the tiny fish for sale in piles. I don’t pay attention to the caterpillars. It’s more than that though, I forget the unique place I am living in. And I forget the unique place I come from.

This doesn’t seem as dramatic as it does to fresh eyes, and that seems to fade into an ambiguous amalgamation of foreign landscape and fantasy world. Think the elf world of Lord of the Rings.

So I am back. And have felt a little like a revolving door of people coming into and leaving the country in the past few weeks. Life has been crazy busy, but it has given me to chance to look everything over with a renewed sense of newness.

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