I have been falling asleep around 10pm and waking up around 1am for the last several mornings, typically covered in sweat and snuggling my mosquito net. I have not been completely sure of what startled me awake – night before last, I think it was the fear of the missing snake we had seen on the patio that afternoon, before that my father tried to FaceTime me at a ridiculous hour. But last night I was completely aware – thunder.


I have a history with thunder, but in Seattle it is a scarce commodity. Last night, it rolled in with a vengeance bringing fierce lightning and seemingly endless amounts of rain.


I have never been so thankful. Because when I officially woke this morning at 6am, I was not already sweating as I had been yesterday and the day before. And as I sit working in my room, it is currently a glorious 66 degrees with a varying light and strong breeze, and though we are sitting at 95% humidity, I am enjoying Zambia’s Independence Day immensely.

My Window


*note: I am not an unusually sweaty person.

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I am blessed to work for and with these people. Thankful for an evening of prayers and sending.

WIPHAN Commissioning Service 001

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Here is the organization that I am working with: WIPHAN

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