new, again

Hey friends. Me here again. Now back in Zambia and properly settled back into a new living space, with new people around and new stuff to do. I took a hiatus from the blog. Not really on purpose, but just because it was an easy thing to let fall to …

becoming Jane (Goodall)

Okay, okay, okay. So here’s the lowdown on my adventurous weekend. There is a mysterious chimpanzee sanctuary somewhere in the backwoods of Zambia. That’s all I really knew on Friday when I drove to meet up with a friend before setting out to find this place Saturday. We tentatively packed …

on the move

I’ve traveled quite a bit since graduating from college. Whether it be by car, train, plane or awkward scooter ride, it has all been interesting. And it has led me to meet some amazing people along the way. In the past 2 months, I have had the chance to see many (not enough) friends, give my things (again, not enough) and catch up on some zzzz’s. I’ve had some good times.

But now, it is winding down. I am (mostly) back at work and am figuring out the logistics of moving to a foreign country. I have pulled out my old trusty duffle bag, begun to cull through some things and with more forethought than ever before, I am starting to pack. Two years in one suitcase ain’t no joke.

I am Zambia-bound and looking forward to chronicling these next few miles. Keep in touch. It’s going to be a good ride.

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