About Me


I believe that we are called to love people.

I love new places and faces, but am equally good at holding on to and keeping up with the old.

I would love to communicate with everyone solely by snail mail; handwritten letters are my love language.

I struggle with vulnerability. Sometimes Brene Brown talks me through it.

If my life is any kind of evidence, life is messy and dirty – it rarely looks or feels perfect. I {mostly} like getting in the middle of the mess. I can identify with others’ messiness.

Sometimes it feels like all days are spent in the wilderness. The promise is accompaniment.

I’ve spent my lifetime looking for Grace and consistently finding Jesus. That’s my prayer for everyone I meet.

I’m from Georgia. I used to live in Seattle. Then I lived in Ndola, Zambia. Then I worked in South Carolina, and now I’m getting my Master’s in London. I’m a work in progress.

There are many miles between me and my past. But I’m liking the present and loving what the future may hold.

I have an eclectic taste in music, but I’m currently listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat. A lot.

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